My name is Kostas Kosmidis (aka Kostas Kappa). Photographer, image creator and photoshop enthusiast. This is my website. Glad to see you here !!!

About me …

The story so far...1975 - Born in Thessaloniki
1978 - Moved back in Nikaia, Piraeus
2010 - Fell in love with photography, bought my first DSLR
2011 - First lessons in Peiraikos Syndesmos, First Workshops in Athens Art Studio, First Personal Shootings
2012 - First Exhibition, First Publication, more photoshootings...
2013 - First Seminar on Studio Photography (Class I, Athens Art Studio), First Seminar in Photoshop (by Nikos Vasilakis), First Seminar in DSLR Videography (by Philip Bouraimis), more Exhibitions, more Publications, a lot more photoshootings...
2014 -First Short Film created, Second Year on Studio Photography (Class II, Athens Art Studio), more Exhibitions, more and more photoshootings...
2017 -Ι keep learning, shooting and creating images that I love. Stay tuned...

2012, May - "Faces and Spaces" - Team Exhibition with "Peiraikos Syndesmos" @ Nuevo Mundo
2012, September - "AcrOdance meet Magritte - Team Exhibition with George Spyropoulos @ Magritte Bar
2013, April - Team Exhibition with "Athens Art Studio" @ PHOTOVISION 2013
2013, October - "Transformations in Light and Shadow" with "Athens Art Studio" @ Mosaic Underground
2014, October - "Emotions" - Team Exhibition with "Athens Art Studio" @ Mosaic Underground
2014, December - Participation in Team Exhibition @ Athena Erotic Art Festival
2015, March -  Team Exhibition with "Athens Art Studio" @ PHOTOVISION 2015


2012, March - PHOTOgrafos Magazine, Issue 217 - Readers' Gallery: "Night Photography"
2012, November - PHOTOgrafos Magazine, Issue 221 - Readers' Gallery: "Color"
2014, March - Gorgeous Freaks Magazine, Issue 27 - Absinthia Stacy's Interview
2017, September - Sopor Magazine, Issue 11 - Dani Divine (Cover and Interview)