My name is Kostas Kosmidis (aka Kostas Kappa). Photographer, image creator and photoshop enthusiast. This is my website. Glad to see you here !!!

The January Project

My team (Tina Kokkota and Panos Kourtis) and I , decided this year to create every month a shooting, based on a female movie star, taken from a specific movie. The January Project was about Catherine-Zeta Jones and her role on "The Mask of Zorro" movie...
We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Model: Anna S.
Make Up Artist: Tina Kokkota
Hair Stylist: Panos Kourtis (Kourtis Hair Salon)
Backstage Photographer: Ignatios Makris

Location: El Paso - Σχολή Ιππασίας (many thanks to Olympia for all the help)
Clothes:  Τα ρούχα του βασιλιά
Props: Costumier